Jeff Martin

...comedy entertainment at its very best!

Amazement Up Close

An Intimate Symphony of Wonder

The art of Close-up Magic has seen a
major resurgence on TV in recent
months, featured on such noted shows
as Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, and America's
Got Talent. This intimate style of magic
happens up close and in their own hands
making it more memorable and amazing.

Amazement Up Close is totally
self-contained. All that is needed is
one set of bleachers, the audience,
and Jeff Martin's award winning
close-up magic. Jeff provides his own
sound system so there is no prior
set-up needed by the venue. The tiered
seating makes better visibility for everyone and creates a more Theatrical Experience for the entire audience. Each show has a running time of 20 minutes. This allows for a quick  turnaround meaning more shows and more opportunities for fair patrons to enjoy and be a part of this Intimate Symphony of Wonder!