Jeff Martin

...comedy entertainment at its very best!

                         MAGIC FOR GRADS

    It's a party when the fun arrives!!  That's what you'll get when you utilize Jeffs many talents for your next Grad Night celebration!!

Strolling/Close-Up Magic:  Imagine your grad's amazement as they witness excellent feats of sleight-of-hand magic performed just inches from their own eyes!  Magic is done with borrowed objects and from their own hands, things seem to appear, vanish and levitate!  Jeff approaches small groups of 4-10 people at a time, utilizing his own special blend of humor and audience participation that makes everyone a part of the show.

Stand-Up/Comedy Magic Show:  Laughter is the best medicine and for your Grad Night it's a vital ingredient.  Jeff is always a hit because he is funny and involves his audience.  As people are brought up on stage to participate in such productions as a borrowed dollar bill appearing in an eggplant, a floating rabbit, a rainbow becoming a dove, linking rings, just to name a few.  Having a show is a nice tie-in to round out the whole event.

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