Jeff Martin

...comedy entertainment at its very best!


     Jeff's ability to take his many years of experience and focus his lessons to suit each students' needs,  makes him one of the most sought after magic teachers in this field.  Working one-on-one, or in a classroom setting, Jeff Martin helps each student achieve their magical goals.  Whether you are a working pro that needs to hone their performance and technical skills, or a novice hoping to one day become a professional entertainer, Jeff's skill level and working knowledge of show business can help you to improve every aspect of your magic. 

   Jeff breaks down the process into three stages; Effect, Execution and Performance.  Quoting Magic Legend Doug Henning "The Difficult becomes Easy, The Easy becomes Habit and The Habit becomes Magic" is how Jeff approaches each lesson.  Jeff offers online lessons also.  Utilizing YouTube and Video Chat, Jeff watches your performance (uploaded to his private YouTube channel) and then chats with you live, or sends you a written lesson plan. This method of teaching makes it possible to learn from one of the best no matter where you may live.  For more information please contact Jeff @

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