Jeff Martin

...comedy entertainment at its very best!

When hiring a Strolling Entertainer you want someone with experience and the ability to entertain an audience at the drop of a hat...Jeff Martin does that and a whole lot more!  Jeff is Funny, Charming, Self Contained and able to work anything from a Casual Pool Party to a Black Tie Event.  Jeff does more than perform miracles at your guest's fingertips, he will leave your guests with a sense of wonder that they won't soon forget! Great entertainers do more than just perform at a party...they make the party!!

Jeff Martin perfected the art of Strolling Magic while performing at such renowned places as; Magic Island in Newport Beach , Wizards at Universal Studios, and the Magic Castle in Hollywood.  Here's Jeff  receiving the Prestigious "Magic Castle Strolling Olympics Award" from Criss Angel.  

Jeff has performed his craft at private parties in Beverly Hills and Hollywood for such celebrities as; Angela Basset, Danny DeVito, Annette Benning, Alan Arkin, Warren Beaty, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chevy Chase, Patricia Arquette, Nicholas Cage, Rose Kennedy, Governor George Deukmejan, Gloria Allred and Eddie Murphy.
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